AtelierForton is synonym for all creations in oil or acrylic paints by Laurent Forton using linen canvas produced by world well-known company Claessens at Waregem in Belgium.

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From an early age Laurent (°1961 living in De Haan, Belgium) developed a keen interest in technology, creativity and entrepreneurship.
After obtaining his engineering degree, he ventured into business with a synthetics processing company where technology and innovation are guiding principles, a daring initiative at the time.

Traveling far and wide to finding high-quality techniques is one of Laurent's passions: experiencing is knowledge, knowledge can be harnessed to develop skills, and meanwhile every contact strengthens our connections. Furthermore, Laurent dares to collaborate without compromising his authenticity. Designer, fabricator, assembler,... Laurent is driven by one thing: innovation. Therefore, self study, experimenting and the manufacturing of sometimes far-fetched ideas is not new to him.

Increasingly the need to be creative manifests itself within Laurent.

This drive is clearly demonstrated in his latest paintings, installations and objects .

Laurent has also been working on the harmony between art and craftsmanship over the past few years through Projects with a big P. Each project is a unique reflection of a goal, with a specific emotional aura or social message in which humor often lurks in the background.

They regularly emphasize women's right to existence in a simple but powerful way.
His oeuvres come across as rather eclectic, always innovative and often unpredictable.

AtelierForton is located near Brugge (Lissewege) in Belgium.